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Who are we?

NIK Agro Service helps the Farmers to measure, observe, decide, plan and apply sustainable practices in order to maximize their profits and optimise the cost.


Launched in 2009, the company today has a modern accredited soil analysis laboratory, trained specialists, the latest equipment, and a software platform for satellite monitoring of agricultural plots and crops development.

NIK Agro Service’s services are aimed at farmers interested in optimizing their businesses through investments in more precise soil, irrigation, yields and farm management. As a result, our clients enjoy the benefits and achieve sustainability not only in terms of resource utilization but also in terms of sustainable improvement of the condition of the agricultural land that they manage.

Why do we recommend Variable Rate Application (VRA)?

The key advantage is optimization when variable rate (VRA) is applied – with fertilization, seeding, irrigation and others.

In the case of fertilization, instead of applying the same amount of fertilizer over the whole field, laboratory tests of soil samples are carried out in advance to determine nutritional content levels and how they vary. The results of the agrochemical analysis yield a clear idea of which portion of the field should be fertilized, which product is best suited for the cultivated crop and in what quantity. In this way, the right amount of fertilizer is applied precisely as needed, thus realizing cost savings and reducing the environmental impact.

When farmland is fertilized at a flat rate, the discrepancies in nutrient reserves do not change but can even intensify. The strong areas remain excessively saturated and the weak areas cannot feed the plants fully. Uneven yields are obtained as a result.


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Innovation and implementation of new technologies for sustainable agriculture in Bulgaria is the main goal of NIK Agro Service.

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