Precision control of the irrigation solution

NIK and Valley® Irrigation jointly provide a precision irrigation solution

NIK and Valley® Irrigation help the farmer with analyzing lots of data during the decision-making process about the irrigation activities. They could manage the water rate, costs and staff operations while growing healthier and higher yielding crops.


The basic package of services includes:

  • Access to the world’s most advanced Valley® Scheduling precision irrigation platform
  • Determination of water-physical properties of soil by sampling and analysis of irrigated fields
  • Training in operating the platform and communicating with a service specialist throughout the farming season
  • Field visits by an agronomist

Key Valley® Scheduling platform functionality

  • Online platform with mobile and stationary access
  • Daily soil moisture monitoring and irrigation recommendations at field and irrigation sector level
  • Local weather forecasts, crop evapotranspiration (ET), and Water Stress Index changes
  • 7-day irrigation scheduling and planning tool
  • Satellite imaging of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI at 5-day intervals
  • Monthly and seasonal irrigation reports

Why Valley® Scheduling?

All data in the Valley® Scheduling platform is processed by a scientific algorithm, tested and proven in irrigation practice of 48 crops grown in different climates on 5 continents.

Additional Optional Services:

Inspection of the irrigation system in operating mode, technical report describing issues and prescribing corrective action

Irrigation remote control with Valley® Irrigation systems and control devices

A local weather station feeds climate data into the irrigation management software directly from the field.

Tissue plant analysis during growing period of the crop

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