A highly qualified team of agronomists consult and prepare individual agronomic recommendations for achieving optimal results and desired yield through precise technologies.

The specialists of NIK Agro Service have a wide range of opportunities for analysis in our own Laboratory and modern software platform for monitoring the agricultural areas.

Methodologies and competencies

NIK Agro Service has developed methodologies and competencies to manage and consult various requirements – applicability of agricultural land, precise maps of the distribution of organic matter, identifying different types of soil and plant deficits, soil health assessment, application of sludge and organic fertilizers and more.


Recommendation for fertilization

is the final stage of AgroBalance service. Based on the results of laboratory analyses for nutrients’ content and the farmer objectives our agronomists create recommendations for crops feeding with a flat or variable rate of fertilizers application.


Why do we recommend VRA?

The key advantage is optimization when variable rate (VRA) is applied. The VRA approach is popular with fertilization, seeding, irrigation and others.


Irrigation recommendation

is based on a preliminary analysis of the soil by plot or irrigation sector. The online monitoring is performed via the Valley® Scheduling platform in real-time during the all irrigation season.

Suitability study for crop cultivation:

When a farmer considers a land use change, NIK Agro Service can offer a consulting service and develop recommendations for the most favorable land and crop combinations. The recommendation will be based on precise analysis of the terrain – geographical location, soil chemical and texture analysis, climatic conditions. It will also contain expert assessments of the impact of the terrain conditions on the development of the selected crops.

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