Software platform for visualization and monitoring

GeoScan is a software platform with built-in features for smart management of agricultural activities. Using data from various sources and analysis of the dependencies between different indicator, the farmer can make informed decisions and react on time.

Data on growing conditions

  • Vegetation index (NDVI) for the whole cycle of crop development
  • Water index data (NDWI) to identify the water scarcity areas, to monitor irrigation systems and harvest indicator
  • Growing degree days (GDD)
  • Local meteorological data

Agrochemical data:

  • Soil sampling tracking
  • Results of laboratory analysis
  • Nutrients’ distribution maps
  • VRA Nitrogen application maps
  • VRA maps for fertilization with phosphorus and potassium

Weather stations GeoScan Onsite:

  • Air temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Precipitation
  • Atmosphere Pressure
  • Soil moisture (needs additional sensor)
  • Plant leaf moisture

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